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Mimi Bouchard is a meditation teacher and podcaster. She has helped thousands transform their lives through her actionable and pragmatic approach to personal development. Mimi's guided meditation platform Superhuman has amassed thousands of subscribers that swear by the practice daily. 
The MIMI Podcast is a bi-weekly show that inspires listeners to become the best version of themselves possible. Created in 2018, the podcast has over 3 million unique downloads with a history of advertisers like Glossier, Skillshare, Bumble, and many more.
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Mimi is known for paving the way to a new approach of meditation: Meditations that energize and motivate you to becoming your best self. She has also popularized the concept of moving meditations. Her infamous Walking Meditations, Chillin' Meditationsand Stretching Meditations have helped thousands improve their lives through meditative movement.
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